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How a gorgeous blanket can transform your interior space

There are so many ways to change the look and feel of your space with a beautiful blanket!

When we think of decorating and transforming the mood of a room, we often think of changing up the furniture, a different paint colour, or adding a bunch of accessories. However, those things can cost a lot and/or be very labour-intensive.

A blanket is one of my favourite ways to dress up a space in a flash, and for very little money.

Here are a few tips for transforming your interior space with blankets that are both functional and fashionable!

Tip #1: Choose the right blanket

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to choose the right blanket:

  • How do you plan to use the blanket? Is it for indoor and outdoor use? Is it a present for a birthday, christening, or holiday? Is the blanket for picnics or staying warm, or for cosying up on the sofa?
  • Will you display the same blanket(s) year-round or do you plan to switch them up seasonally and for the holidays?
  • Who will be using the blankets? Will a delicate cashmere blanket be perfect to snuggle up to, or do you need something a little sturdier to accommodate pets and active children?
  • How often do you switch up your design style?

These questions will help you select your blanket because you’ll have a better idea of the look and texture you want and also how much you want to spend.

This also affects placement, because you’ll want to display your blanket close to where it will be used. For example, if you plan to snuggle up in your blanket on the sofa during the evenings with a book and a cup of tea, you’ll probably want to store your blanket near the sofa!

Tip #2: Think of a blanket like art

Blankets are the ultimate functional home accessory, but they can add artistic flair to any space!

In our large open-plan lounge at home, we have four beautiful woollen blankets arranged stylishly on a wonderful wooden ladder, adding gorgeous texture to the room and enhancing the white walls with subtle colour. These can be changed in seasons or throughout the year, almost like art.

What I love most is that not only are blankets completely practical and functional, but they also bring a warm, inviting mood to any room. They’re just as cosy to look at as they are to wrap up in!

Tip #3: Add a pop for personality

Blankets often shine best when they add a pop of colour and texture to a room, or when they complement the colours of what’s already there.

When choosing a blanket for a space, try looking up a colour wheel and playing with a few different colour schemes. 

If you’re going for a dynamic look, try a complementary-coloured blanket. If you want a soothing, sophisticated look, try a blanket similar to your current colour scheme to add some subtle texture.

Of course, you can also throw caution to the wind and simply pick the blanket that calls to you. This is a great way to bring a fun, eclectic mood to a room. 

I find this works best with children’s blankets! One of our amazing icon blankets can instantly add personality to a child’s room and be a lifelong accessory. 

If you like an artsy look, our wool throws come in a wonderful range of colours from muted grey tones to bright yellows and pinks, and can make great accents to sofas, beds, and chairs. 

Blankets are one of my favourite ways to instantly spruce up a space. 

Shop our collection now to give one a try!