What goes into creating a dot + tom blanket?

The process begins in Jersey with ideas for new designs sketched out on paper and on Pinterest boards. They are then translated into patterns by our knitwear designer based in Cornwall and finally produced by one of our partner mills in Scotland or England. We choose our artisans carefully and love working with family-run businesses to create quality products produced with loving care.

To learn more about our production process, and how dot + tom got started, read our story here.[link to about page]

Purchasing sustainable products is important to me. What does dot + tom do to minimize its environmental impact and maintain an ethical production process?

Our sustainability practices are always changing as we learn and find even better ways to create and deliver our products.

We are also very selective about the designers and makers we choose to work with, preferring to stick to smaller family businesses local to the UK and artisans who utilize traditional techniques.

Finally, we strive to minimize our packaging materials (while still ensuring that your blanket arrives to you in perfect condition) and make sure the materials we do use are reusable (like our organic cotton bags) or 100% recyclable for minimal environmental impact.

Sustainability is always a work in progress. Our goal is to make your dot + tom blanket a purchase you can feel great about!

Read our sustainability promise here. [link to sustainability page]

Where can I see dot + tom products in person?

dot + tom blankets are stocked in select stores in the UK. [link through] Currently, you can see our products at the following locations:

  • Pebble Boutique, Jersey
  • My Wild Thyme Florist, Jersey
  • Ransoms Garden Centre, Jersey
  • Joli Gift Shop, Aberdeen
  • Pop Ups, London
  • Essex (name tbc)

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I am a shop owner and I love dot + tom blankets! Can I stock them in my store? 

If you would like to become a stockist of our dot + tom products, we would love to hear from you! Please apply here. [link through to wholesale page]


I notice certain designs haven’t been in stock for awhile. Why is that? How long will it take for them to come back?

We strive to keep our business as sustainable as possible and all our products take time to design and manufacture. The weaving and knitting of our beautiful blankets is a slow process carried out by talented craftspeople, and the end result with our stunning product is worth waiting for. Additionally, we only produce the amount we think we are going to sell, which reduces waste and our carbon load—just another way we intentionally think about sustainability in our business practices.

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Where are dot + tom blankets made?

Currently, all our blankets are made with materials sourced from UK suppliers and knitted or woven in factories in England and Scotland.

Where are the blankets designed?

The blankets are designed in Jersey and Cornwall by our in house creative team.


What are your go-to dot + tom pieces?

This is difficult because I have favourite blankets for different occasions!

The cashmere home throws are so soft and gorgeous, and I’ll always grab a pink pinstripe for the sofa. 

My six year old son is a mega fan of his ‘monkey’ cashmere blanket and won’t sleep without it! And in the summer when we love our outside time, I can’t get enough of our picnic rugs and wool blankets for the perfect al fresco accessory.


Where can I buy a dot + tom blanket?

Our blankets are sold online at www.dotandtom.com and at the following selected stockists, online stores, and brick and mortar shops: