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Directions Magazine, Autumn 2021

"I wanted to create beautiful blankets and throws that would look gorgeous in any home, feel amazing and be kept for years to come as a special heirloom."

Glamour Magazine

"Why we love it: Invest in a luxury picnic blanket that'll last forever this summer. This woollen option is available in blue/yellow or Pumpkin Orange, and it boasts a waterproof backing and leather straps."

Little Big Bell

"The blanket is beautifully made in England using traditional weaving techniques. It’s one of those pieces that when you touch it, you know it’s  premium quality. On chilly nights whilst watching Netflix on the sofa, I love wrapping myself in this cashmere blanket. It really is super soft and cosy to snuggle under. It’s also light, and easy to carry around."


"dot + tom have the BEST picnic blankets. Various sizes, thick, soft, light and lined with a waterproof fabric for days like today."


"Nicola took the opportunity to 'regroup and focus' on her business last year. With the world spending more time at home, it presented the perfect opportunity to entice the world into the softness of her blankets and new picnic rugs."

JEP Home Life

"Use as a picnic blanket or folded over a chair ready to wrap around you, throws are perfect for keeping the party going when the sun goes down. Put them on the ground in your garden, layering different blankets, to make it a bare-feet-only party."

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The best present I ever bought for my mum, she loves her new stylish travel wrap!"


"The beautiful Dot + Tom christening shawl has become my 'go-to' baby gift!"


"I love the colour of my new scarf, it totally brightens up cold, rainy days."