Our Sustainability Promise

At dot + tom, we take our responsibility to the planet and our community—near and far—very seriously. We care greatly about the condition of this great world for us now, and for the future of generations to come.

As newbies in the world of sustainability, we recognise that we have a lot to learn, and we are keen to continue on our journey with commitment and love. We promise that we will always strive to do better and hold ourselves accountable to our makers and customers. 

Through continuous research and consciousness, we are constantly seeking out the most ethical and sustainable methods and materials available in the production and delivery of our beautiful blankets and accessories. We are always asking ourselves, “How can we do better?”

With this in mind, we will only create and invest in blankets that last. Our blankets are designed to be loved, cherished, and handed down through generations rather than end up in a landfill. Our goal is to ensure that your dot + tom blanket will become a loved accessory you can be proud to own, because you know you are not contributing to waste, but to quality and the preservation of traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. We aim to preserve the beauty of our world while promoting beauty in your home. 

We commit to maintaining best practices through each step of our creation and customer journey, from selecting responsible artisans and utilizing recyclable packaging and reusable organic cotton bags when shipping to customers and stockists.

To stay up to date on our sustainability practices, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, where we will stay accountable to you as we learn and grow on this journey. If you have suggestions or ideas for how we can reduce our environmental impact and become even better stewards of this planet, we’d love to hear from you >> /contact!

As a young business, this is the beginning of our journey. We promise that we will continue to learn and fine tune our sustainability practices for the best interest of this beautiful planet we call home.